The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD, Aaa/AAA) has issued a CAD 60 million 10-year Eurobond that raises funds for its sustainable development activities around the world. Japan Post Insurance was the sole investor in this transaction.

It is Japan Post Insurance’s management philosophy to be a trustworthy institution for people that is always close at hand and endeavoring to protect their well-being. Its management policy states, “We actively contribute to health promotion, environmental protection, and the development of local communities and society as a whole.” Japan Post Insurance is also addressing challenges related to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues through its asset management strategy and purchasing World Bank Sustainable Development Bonds is one of those activities. Japan Post Insurance will continue to fulfill its social responsibility by investing in instruments that not only have a positive social impact but also improve investment profitability through product diversification with appropriate risk management.

The World Bank issues around USDeq. 40 billion in Sustainable Development Bonds in the global capital markets every year, and proceeds of all its bond support development programs that are aligned with its mission to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity and the Sustainable Development Goals. This includes, for example, projects that are improving the health and nutrition of pregnant women and children under the age of two in Indonesia, and improving the chronic malnutrition of indigenous people with an emphasis on infants and small children in Guatemala.

Examples of projects supported by World Bank Sustainable Development Bonds

The project examples below are for illustrative purposes only and no assurance can be provided that disbursements for projects with these specific characteristics will be made by the World Bank during the lifetime of the bond. World Bank bonds investors do not take individual project risk.


Purpose: Improving the health and nutrition of pregnant women and children under age 2

Expected Results (include):

  • More than 6 million pregnant women and 14 million children under age 2 receiving health, nutrition, water and sanitation services

  • 28 million parents of children under 2 benefiting from improved access to water and sanitation, nutritious food, and parenting counselling sessions

IBRD Financing: $400 million + $20 million grant

Development Challenge

Indonesia is committed to expanding access to services that reduce stunting—chronic malnutrition—among children ages 0-5. Despite this commitment, stunting still affects 37 percent of people in the country due to various challenges including poor quality of primary health care and…

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