Jillian Michaels‘ 4-year-old son Phoenix is sporting some brand new bling.

The celebrity trainer took to Instagram last week to share a sweet selfie with her preschooler, showing off the new studs in his ears.

In the caption, Jillian explained why she decided to let her son have his ears pierced.

“The little man works on his selfie skills. And yes, he got his ears pierced. His sister got hers pierced and he wanted his done. I wasn’t about to say ‘that’s for girls.’”

Phoenix’s new piercings could be seen when he and Jillian were spotted running errands in Los Angeles last month as well.

In response to comments, Jillian, who also has 6-year-old daughter Lukensia with her fiancée Heidi Rhoades, added that Phoenix’s “karate teacher and my brother had it done so to him it’s something the cool guys do.”

Response to Jillian’s post has been pretty positive, though there have of course been a few critical comments. Most, though, have praised her for bucking gender-based expectations.

“I am a strong believer in letting them grow without the stereotypical gender roles/boundaries. In our house, there is no such thing as girl colors and boy colors, girl or boy hair cuts and no girl only or boy only toys, etc,” wrote one mom. “My boy has long hair and painted nails and I love that he will grow to be whoever he wants to be, and will love and accept anyone, just the way they are.”

If you’re willing to get your daughter’s ears pierced, I don’t see any reason not to have your son’s pierced, if that’s something he wants. What stood out to me about Jillian’s post isn’t that she had her boy’s ears pierced but that she had her preschooler’s ears pierced. I have two girls and hoped to hold off until they’re 10 or so, just because I want them to be old enough to take care of them.

It actually hasn’t come up at all just yet – they seem in no hurry to have a needle stuck through them.

Would you get your son’s ears pierced?

These famous moms have faced criticism for their parenting decisions:

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