Since Beyonce announced she and husband, Jay Z are expecting twins, social media has been abuzz with theories about the deeper meaning behind the record-breaking Instagram photo.

Why is she wearing a veil? Why is she kneeling? Why so many flowers?

Armchair art critics have been keen to offer up their own explanations.

“So perhaps Beyonce›s having a girl & a boy, hence the pink bra & blue panties?”, suggested @nicbamford on Twitter.

“She’s SURROUNDED by beautiful flowers. This is her connection with life and earth. She›s energised by nature” said @TheHelenOfTrill

“Pretty blatant Virgin Mary and pagan fertility imagery going on in Beyonce›s pregnancy announcement” added @MildlyAmused.

Others were more confused than enlightened by the picture›s composition.

Lisa McCray tweeted: “Friend. Do you legit not have stretch marks? How?”

Katie Leigh cut to the chase: “I cannot be the only one who thinks Beyonce’s maternity pictures are extremely weird.”

Meanwhile, the traditional press served up a more intellectual analysis of the photo.

The Guardian chose to interpret it on a purely artistic level, pointing out its resemblance to “late 15th century Flemish portraiture, when it was popular to depict a subject from a three-quarter angle, often…

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