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Taking three kids under age 7 out for the day is no easy feat. So Texas mom Molly England was pleasantly surprised when a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston was going really, really well. Then it happened: her 3-year-old had a meltdown. And one museum-goer’s reaction to her toddler’s behavior almost led to her own meltdown.

Before we get to the bad, let’s go over the good. On Facebook, England explains her kids were totally engaged with the museum’s interactive exhibits.

“Their imaginations were running wild, and my heart filled with joy and pride,” she says. “I felt like a great mom, like a competent mom able to enrich my kids’ lives by exposing them to the arts. I felt proud of their ability to act appropriately in such a demanding atmosphere. An atmosphere that requires them to speak softly, not touch anything and move with grace and awareness—all behaviors they don’t do at home.”

But England wasn’t naive; she knew it was too good to last.

“At 4 pm it was time to go. Family zone was closing, and I knew it was getting close to meltdown time, especially for my 3-year-old who’d skipped her nap,” she says. But her eldest wanted to explore the rest of the museum. And since the day was going so well, England appeased her.

“I decided we’d go to the museum cafe for a snack and then continue exploring the museum,” she says. “And this is where my blissful mommying moment ended.”

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