Musician Stevie Wonder took a knee Saturday night “for America” at the 6th annual Global Citizen Music Fest in New York’s Central Park.

Though Wonder didn’t explicitly spell out the reason for doing so, his act comes after President Donald Trump hit out Friday at NFL players and other athletes who protest the national anthem at sporting events by kneeling, sitting or raising their fists.

The “Superstition” singer appeared to have taken his cue from footballer Colin Kaepernick, whose now-viral move to take a knee during national anthem ahead of the 2016 NFL season has found many supporters in the sports fraternity.

“Tonight, I’m taking a knee for America,” Wonder said. “But not just one knee, I’m taking both knees. Both knees and pray for our planet, our future, our leaders of the world and our globe.”

“Our global brothers and sisters, I didn’t come here to preach, but I’m telling you, our spirits must be in the right place all the time,” he said.

The singer’s son, Kwame Wonder, helped his father to kneel down. Stevie called on his Central Park audience to denounce bigotry and sexism, New York Daily News reported.

Wonder also said during the festival: “We must take care of each other, and this planet. If we don’t, we could lose the ultimate video game of life.”

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