In the first few years of life, more than a million new neural connections form every second. These connections build the architecture of a child’s brain and lay the foundation for future learning, behavior, health, and success. While genetics create the brain’s blueprint, the neural connections are strengthened by use or severed by neglect. Without responsive or appropriate caregiving, the brain’s architecture doesn’t form as anticipated.

The State of Colorado has created an online video series based on Early Learning and Development Guidelines. The guidelines provide practical tips and points of reference to help parents and caregivers navigate children’s early years. They describe the trajectory of development during a child’s first eight years, rendering descriptions for what children are typically capable of knowing and doing.

The Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • Nature and nurture affect development.
  • Culture influences every aspect of development.
  • Self-regulation is a cornerstone of early childhood development that crosses all behavioral domains.
  • Children are active participants in their own development, reflecting the intrinsic drive to explore and master one’s environment.
  • Human relationships are the building blocks of healthy development.
  • The range of differences among children makes it difficult to distinguish between normal variations, maturational delays, transient disorders and persistent impairments.
  • Development is characterized by continuities, discontinuities and transitions.
  • Development is shaped…
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