Amy VanHaren in front of a breastfeeding-themed RV

Cross-country road trips are rarely glamorous. Breastfeeding on a cross-country road trip? Even less so. But the Breast Express RV is changing the game, bringing a sense of comfort—even luxury—to the nursing and pumping experience, from Boston all the way to San Francisco.

This summer, the 40-foot nursing and pumping suite on wheels is driving to communities across the country to support breastfeeding moms while sharing stories and tips. It’s the creation of pumpspotting, a website and app designed to connect nursing moms, encouraging them to share resources and advice.

“Our ultimate aim is to unite communities in conversation, bring awareness to the importance of breastfeeding support, and celebrate nursing and pumping moms everywhere,” pumpspotting founder Amy VanHaren tells The Bump.

Amy VanHaren in front of breastfeeding RV

We caught up with VanHaren, who is a little over a month into the Breast Express Tour, to see how it’s going.

The Bump: What was the tour kickoff event like in Boston?

Amy VanHaren: We were honored to be at the MIT Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon helping promote innovation in breastfeeding alongside so many smart minds. We were part of the Innovator’s Gallery and hosted a happy hour on the RV. We were also a place for moms to nurse and pump throughout the event!

TB: Are the topics that you’re covering on the Breast Express tour based around what moms are talking about on the pumpspotting app?

AV: Our topics do stem from the conversations we’re seeing on the app and the common questions moms are asking one another. We see many…

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