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For weeks, we have eagerly been awaiting photos of Beyonce’s twins, Rumi and Sir. Like starving rats in a cage in a particularly unethical experiment, we have been desperately waiting for Queen Bey to drop the photos on Instagram. On Friday morning, at a ridiculously early hour, Bey dropped the first Instagram of the twins’ birth announcement, a stunningly lush image that referenced her pregnancy announcement in February. Yet there was one person missing from both Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement and her twins’ photo, and his absence says a lot about our cultural conception of motherhood.

Since Beyoncé announced that she was expecting twins in February with a gorgeous, lush Instagram photo, the media scrutiny has largely focused on her. Considering she was the one actually carrying the twins, that makes a lot of sense — but it also raises questions about what role husband and father Jay-Z is playing in her pregnancy and the birth of the twins, and why he hasn’t yet made an appearance.

Although Jay-Z has been in the public eye as late with the release of his fourteenth…

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