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When a member of the Kardashian-Jenner empire may or may not be expecting her first child, their devoted fandom goes bonkers searching for clues that the reports are true. And when two of the sisters — in this case, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — don’t address the identical rumors about them for weeks and counting after they surfaced, Kardashian obsessives basically morph into unrelenting around-the-clock bump watchers wielding metaphorical binoculars and refreshing the women’s Snapchat and Instagram feeds relentlessly. So, it’s no surprise that the internet is convinced that Khloé Kardashian’s latest Instagram confirms her pregnancy rumors. It’s an exciting prospect for anyone who’s watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians religiously for the past 10 years — but it’s also definitely not the case.

Kardashian posted the photo inspiring the latest round of rampant speculation to Instagram on Thursday, and it shows the fashion mogul modeling a newly released piece from her Good American clothing line. And, of course, the “mini” is pretty form-fitting. Coupled with the fact that Kardashian’s arms rests casually across her mid-section, and it’s enough for some commenters to feel like this is confirmation that Kardashian and her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson, are about to become parents. (Romper has reached out Kardashian’s rep for comment, but has not heard back at this time.)

IMHO, the photo is about as far away as a “confirmation” as you can get. After all, it’s hardly ever appropriate to look at a woman’s body and declare her pregnant or not.

Khloé Kommenters had some other ideas, though. Here’s just some of what they had to say upon seeing the photo:

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