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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beautiful parts about being a mother. No matter where you are from around the world, we all breastfeed our babies the same way. Besides the emotional benefits, breastfeeding also offers a host of health benefits for baby, including boosting his immune system, preventing food allergies, and warding off acute illnesses down the road.

A month-long celebration for National Breastfeeding Awareness Month isn’t nearly enough. From T-shirts, to water bottles, and even proud pins, show how pumped you are to nurse year-round with a few of our favorite picks.


Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve; wear it on your T-shirt. These tees are punny, chic, and, most importantly, they speak the truth. The next time you need to defend your choice to breastfeed, throw on one of these and let it do the talking.


Anything you can do I can do breastfeeding

Annie Oakley was a no-nonsense kind of gal, so it only seems right this T-shirt draws inspiration from the American icon. Moms are amazing, and this shirt basically says it all.

Buy it: Breastfeeding T-shirt, $18,


She works hard for the money

All moms who breastfeed are superheroes, but working moms who breastfeed are a special type of demigod all in their own.

Buy it. Breastfeeding Working Mom T-shirt, $18,


Lactivist activist

This is every breastfeeding mama’s mantra. Best yet, when you gift yourself this chic tee, you’ll also be gifting someone else. For every Lactivist T-shirt sold in the month of August, Ingrid & Isabel will donate a nursing bra to the Homeless Prenatal Program.


Pump it up!

The party literally doesn’t start ‘til moms walk in.

Buy it: Breastfeeding Mom T-shirt, $18,


Not all superheros wear capes

Superhero name: The Milky Way; Power: Can put baby to sleep faster than the speed of light.


Breastfeeding is my cardio

Who needs to pay for a gym membership when you have an around-the-clock pumping schedule?

Buy it: Breastfeeding is my Cardio Unisex Tee, $20,


Milky matriarch

Let’s just say, this is…

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