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Reading the title, you might feel that today’s article is only for the parents whose children are mentally ill, well in this article I am not only referring to children who are mentally ill, children who have been identified with clinical mental illness or who are born with different abilities. I am talking about clinically normal children who go through different kinds of stress every day and whose mental health is generally ignored either in the pretext of being normal or in the fear of being stigmatized.

Let me ask you, when your child has a tooth ache, don’t you rush him/her to the dentist immediately, when you feel that your child has some skin problems don’t you rush him to a dermatologist, are we ashamed of taking them to a doctor or a dentist or any specialist. I am sure the answer would be NO, but do we show the same promptness in identifying emotional and mental flaws of our child. No matter however broad our outlook is, are we not scared/ashamed of taking our child to a psychologist/psychiatrist. Despite knowing very well that our child needs help, don’t we pretend and deny to ourselves that he/ she is perfectly fine.

Sometimes we also find some beliefs and supernatural powers to put the blame on, like it’s his/her stars that are making him/her behave this way otherwise he/she is perfectly fine. I believe its high time we break the silence; mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s time to speak out, end the stigma and realise that mental health truly matters. As parents, I feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are mentally healthy.

Life is not fair. There is no question that some people have to face obstacles that might seem insurmountable. These can be related to finances, illness, loss, or fate. Despite this, many will succeed and prosper. The interaction between our biology, psychology, and environment is constantly influencing our social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Children and youth, our most…

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