In the span of 24 hours the Carling family’s lives changed
dramatically. On Oct. 19 a judge finalized the adoption of the
9-month-old twins that Kaley and Jeremy Carling had raised since
their birth. On the very next day, a different judge finalized the
adoption of two other children the couple had been fostering for
more than a year.

Finally, the Carlings were the legal parents of four children,
ages 2 and under.

“I have only seen my husband cry maybe three times in 12 years
and Oct. 20 when they were finalized is one of those times,” Kaley
Carling, 29, of Farmington, Utah, told TODAY. “We felt an
overwhelming sense of relief.”

The Carling family adopted four kids, under 2, in 24

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painful 3-year wait

The couple had struggled to conceive. Kaley Carling has
rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and she relies on medication to
manage her health. When they tried conceiving she had to stop
taking her medication; she lost weight and they still couldn’t get
pregnant. The couple decided to take a break from trying to get
pregnant for five years.

“Things went differently and we decided to roll with it,” she

In the meantime, the Carlings asked friends and family if they
knew anyone looking for a couple to adopt a child. Someone
connected them to a young woman who was pregnant with her fourth
child and said she was interested in the Carlings adopting her
unborn child and possibly her toddler. But in July 2015, she
changed her mind.

The couple felt heartbroken but they decided to become certified
foster parents to provide love and support to children in the
foster system. Her dad is adopted and Kaley…

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