WARNING: Graphic.

A horrifying video has emerged of a distressed baby with a dummy wedged in his mouth that has been forcibly closed with sticky tape, causing a major scandal.

The footage, which was uploaded to Instagram, shows a helpless 12-week-old baby boy in a hospital cot constantly shaking his head from side to side.

A dummy was put in his mouth and taped to stop him from spitting it out.

The white tape goes the from cheek to cheek meaning the baby, named by media as I. A. Kartoev, would be unable to spit it out if he falls asleep or coughs.

It was allegedly filmed by a worried mother as she walked past the baby’s ward. She posted it online with the caption: “Those of a nervous disposition should not watch.”

Hundreds of shocked users then posted comments, concerned for the baby’s welfare.

“This is a peri-natal centre in Ingushetia,” one user said.

The footage shows a dummy taped to a baby’s mouth to allegedly stop it from crying and spitting it out. Picture: East2West News
The footage…
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