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When I tell people that I work an average of 12 hours a day they think I must make big money. To be honest with you a lot of blog work goes unpaid, you can’t just blink and have the design, posts planned, social media scheduled all on it’s own. Unless you use CoSchedule.

The calendar you have always wanted

CoSchedule uses an amazing calendar that lets you see all of your posts from your blog by month and allows for easy switching between years as well. Easily clicking on the title will bring you your social queue where you can share your post on a variety of social channels that you link to your account (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc).


No more needing to log into different social media accounts and copy and paste things over and load up the photos. Everything you need to do can be done all in one section and it is compatible with WordPress via plugin! As you compose your blog post you can also set all your social media posts to go out via CoSchedule at the bottom on your post right in WordPress!

You can do it all on your…

Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Rodriguez

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Work from home mom dedicated to my family. Total foodie trying new recipes.Love hunting for the best deals online. Wannabe style fashionista. As content editor, I get to do what I love everyday. Tweet, share and promote the best content our tools find on a daily basis.
Mayra Rodriguez