Amy Schumer, above, with Alex Moffat, hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week.

If you’ve lately felt like the political humor at “Saturday Night Live” has gotten one-sided, you’re not alone. In this weekend’s cold opening sketch — kicking off an episode hosted by Amy Schumer that largely stayed away from topical bits — the mothers of several “S.N.L.” cast members appeared alongside their famous offspring to comically urge them to move on from jokes about President Trump and his administration.

“Saturday Night Day” opened the show with a Mother’s Day sketch.CreditVideo by Saturday Night Live

As Aidy Bryant explained at the outset, “Normally we open the show with a political sketch which can sometimes be divisive. But since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, we’re going to focus on the one thing we can all celebrate together: moms.”

Standing next to his mother, Kenan Thompson, a 15-season veteran of the show, told her, “Mom, without your help, I would have never it made to ‘S.N.L.’”

She answered, “Kenan, I can’t imagine this show without you. Like, I actually can’t remember when you weren’t on it.”

Thompson asked her, “You like the show, right, mom?”

She replied, “I do. Except for all the political stuff. We get it.”

Mikey Day reminded his mother about a high school production of “The Crucible” that he had once appeared in. “Oh, right, yeah,” she said. “You know, ‘The Crucible’ is a lot like the witch hunt against President Trump.”

Pulling her off the stage with him, Day said, “O.K., don’t love that, let’s go.”

Colin Jost asked his mother, “Mom, you like the politics on the show, right?”

She replied, “I think Alec Baldwin does a great Trump impression. But why does it have to be so mean? Who writes that stuff?”

Jost, one of the head writers on the show, shrugged it off. “Yeah, I don’t know,” he said. “I guess it’s mostly Michael Che.”

Schumer, who got married earlier this year, used her opening monologue to perform a stand-up set about how her life is different now that she can no longer draw on her dating experiences for comedy.

“I’m a little sad,” she said:

I’m never going to get a “u up?” text again. Not like they were rolling in, but it was nice to know someone was thinking about me. I once got a “u up?” text and I wrote the guy back, and he texted me: “Sorry, wrong text.” I was like, Me too, I’ll just cancel my Uber, who cares? So I…

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