Lidl's baby box
Lidl’s baby box

They are billed as a lifeline for cash-strapped new parents, but a Bristol expert is warning against using Lidl’s baby boxes.

The freebie is currently being handed out by the budget supermarket which is working in partnership The Baby Box Co, who defended their product and said child safety is their reason for existence.

The boxes contain a firm mattress, waterproof mattress cover and a cotton sheet, as well as nappies, wipes and a muslin.

But Professor Peter Fleming, a world expert when it comes to safe ways for babies to sleep, has warned there is no evidence these boxes are safe.

The professor of Infant Health & Developmental Physiology at Bristol University said the claim they actually reduce Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) is ‘utter rubbish’.

He said: “There’s no evidence at all that these are safe.

“If someone wants to sell you a washing machine there’s all sorts of checks they have to go through to show it does what they say it does.

“But with this it seems people just do whatever they like and nothing gets said until a baby comes to harm.

“There’s no suggestion a baby has come to harm or they are harmful but at the moment there’s no research on them.

“And the suggestion that they reduce the risk of SIDS is utter rubbish.”

Mr Fleming said even more worryingly they are advertised as being suitable for a tot up to eight months.

“When a baby starts pulling themselves up or rolling over this could be dangerous, ” said Mr Fleming. “The cardboard won’t be strong enough to take their weight.”

He also argued they weren’t fire or damp proof, with no evidence they could withstand a baby leaking through their nappies.

The baby boxes have been very popular in Finland, but Mr Fleming said very few families used the box for their baby to sleep in. Rather most simply enjoy all the other freebies handed out by the Government after birth.

And he refuted the fact that Finland’s…

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