In addition to being a zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo, a cat, dog and
horse owner, and a self proclaimed “bird nerd,” Jennifer Dew
recently took on the role of expectant mother.

Due in December with her first child, Dew wanted to find a
creative way to track her unborn daughter’s growth, something other
than the traditional pattern comparing fetus to fruits.

“The fruit size comparison was a little difficult for me to
visualize,” Dew told TODAY Parents. “So many fruits vary in size —
I mean, I’ve seen small pomegranates and big pomegranates. And —
I’m sorry — but how can my baby be the size of a banana?”

Dew says she found an app that compared her baby’s size to the
sizes of “weird but cute animals.” That, combined with seeing a
fellow zookeeper post similar photos during her own pregnancy,
inspired Dew to take a series of Instagram photos of
her baby bump, each paired with a zoo animal matching her
daughter’s weight.

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“It’s cool to be holding an animal and realize, ‘Wow,

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