USA (MNN) — Did you know that November is National Adoption
Awareness Month in the United States? According to the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services
, National Adoption
Awareness Month is celebrated across the country to bring attention
to children and youth in foster care still waiting for a

The observance started in 1984 as National Adoption Awareness
Week, announced by President Ronald Reagan. It was expanded by
President Bill Clinton in 1995 to National Adoption Awareness Month
for the entirety of November.

(Photo courtesy of Life Matters Worldwide via Facebook)
(Photo courtesy of Life Matters Worldwide via

The concept of adoption seems like something everybody would
naturally be on-board with and support as a positive thing, right?
If so, why do we need to raise awareness?

To get some insight, we spoke with Life
Matters Worldwide’s
Tom Lothamer.

“There’s a lot of wrong thinking out there about adoption, the
fears of it, and even the cost of it is amazing,” says Lothamer.
“So there are a lot of things out there that inhibit people or keep
them from even considering it.”

For those who could enter the adoptive process, a lot of fears
and struggles come into play. The birth mother or father who would
rather abort than go through the emotional strain of carrying a
baby to full-term and giving the child to another family. The
couple who are unable to get pregnant and worry about the financial
burden of the adoption process. The teen who is terrified of what
her peers, her family, and her church will think if her young
pregnancy is discovered.

Lothamer says the words and terms we use when we talk
about adoption are very important. Even using phrases with positive
or negative connotations impacts how adoption is viewed by

“Many times, we hear that so-and-so, let’s call her Mary,
‘gave up’ her child for adoption. We would rather say that
Mary ‘released’ her child for adoption, because it connotes
the idea of love and sacrifice and selflessness, thinking of the
well-being of the child.”


As Christians, we need to actively champion the love found in
adoption, especially since God calls us His adopted sons and

“That’s what happens in the Gospel. I was not
of the tribe of Israel, but God chose me by His divine purpose. I
didn’t necessarily go out and look for God, but He chose me. He
made me aware of my needs, so I…

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