Gloria Steinem speaks March 16 at the MorseLife Literary Society at The Colony. (Allen Eyestone / Daily News)

I read with dismay the misinformation put forth in David Kamm’s March 26 letter to the Palm Beach Daily News, in which he attacked Planned Parenthood because he took umbrage with a remark Gloria Steinem made concerning Judge Neil Gorsuch when she appeared before the MorseLife Literary Society.

Kamm’s demonizing of Planned Parenthood as an “abortion mill,” is a myopic view broadly promoted by anti-choice individuals. Contrary to Kamm’s assertion, the majority of Planned Parenthood’s work (more than 90 percent nationally) centers on reproductive health care for women and men, including cervical and breast-cancer screening, testing for sexually transmitted infections and providing sexuality education for families, adults and teens.

In fulfilling its mission of…

Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Rodriguez

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Mayra Rodriguez