‘Parents teaching parents’

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ONTARIO — Relatable experiences, despite various backgrounds, is what everyone had in common at a Parent Café hosted at the Malheur County Health Department Thursday.

Seven moms, along with health department staff, gathered around the table for a time of sharing. Designed to strengthen families, Parent Cafés is a program created by Be Strong Families. The idea: provide a support system for parents in order to build strong families.

By fostering meaningful conversations, parents are able to share their experiences and learn from one another about common challenges as a parent, said Lindsay Grosvenor, a registered dietitian at the health department.

“It’s really about the parents learning from each other. It’s parents teaching parents,” Grosvenor said. “I sit in during the cafés as a way to be a support system and provide resources if needed.”

At each café, parents are given a dinner and a beverage, as they sit down at a table. There, they are encouraged to share with one another and hold a conversation about the focused topic.

While parents learn from each other, their children are watched in a separate room. This feature, Grosvenor said, has played as a key success in…

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