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Parents are too busy to potty train their children early enough – not recognising the strain the delay puts on their bladders and bowels, a survey suggests.

A survey of early years staff in the UK by charity ERIC and the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) revealed 68pc of them feel that over the past five years children were being potty trained at a later age.

Almost half (43pc) of the 202 early years practitioners questioned felt it was down to parents putting it off because they are too busy or at work too long.

The nursery practitioners said parents needed more support, and 92pc believed toilet training should be a shared responsibility between nursery and home.

To support this, NDNA and children’s bowel and bladder charity, ERIC, have developed a potty training policy and training for nursery staff.

They are also preparing resources for practitioners and families that will focus on what they need to know – such as spotting the signs of a child being toilet ready and steps to achieve potty training success.

A nursery owner from West Midlands said: “Parents are busy and it has lifestyle impacts. It’s about being consistent and showing them early on about what a potty is, but the morning routine is a busy time for parents to be able to do this.

“They rely on nursery to do this, but the potty should be the first place a child goes once they wake up to understand the…

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