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Social mobility in the UK has stagnated, with just 1 in 8 children from low-income families likely to become a high-income earner as an adult. There are many factors that impact social mobility, but we know that parenting is one of the most significant in determining a child’s life chances.

Research from the Brookings Institution highlights that “chances of upward social mobility are lower for children with parents struggling to do a good job – in terms of creating a supportive and stimulating home environment. Children lucky enough to have strong parents are more likely to succeed at all the critical life stages, which means policies to help weaker parents do a better job can be investments in opportunity, and equality.”

A recent report from the Social Mobility Commission highlighted research showing that an authoritative parenting style that encourages parents to offer firm yet warm guidance to their children can result in significantly improved outcomes for children. This is what we at Family Links would call “parenting with heart and backbone” – allowing parents to build emotionally healthy relationships with their children while feeling confident in setting clear, age-appropriate boundaries.

As the Commission sets out in…

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