Parenting teens & tweens: It's not all black and white

I shared a photo on the Between Us Parents Facebook page a few weeks ago that detailed the different approaches to parenting in 2017 to pretty much every generation prior to ours. It’s this photo below, which I first saw on the Grown & Flown Facebook page:


And it’s funny. Really funny.

Parents of today have taken a few things a bit too far. Or a lot of things a lot too far. And laughing at that is healthy and also makes a point.

I get that and I appreciate it. But I’ve continued to think about it periodically and I was wondering why I kept coming back to it, often raising objections in my head, including:

  • Not all parents take things to such extremes.
  • The vast majority of parents I know aren’t helicopters or lawnmowers or whatever the label du jour happens to be.
  • Parents of today know more about their child’s health than prior generations did thanks to some amazing science and some positive changes in society. Some kids do have allergies/sensitivies/issues and tending to them gives them and their families a better quality of life.

Most of all, I’m left wondering where the middle ground has gone, or rather, why don’t we want to acknowledge it. Most parents I know don’t seem to take extreme approaches in parenting and are just doing the best they can.

I don’t want to raise my kid in the manner described above under “2017 parents,” but I also don’t think that solely feeding our kids sometimes is sufficient. There’s a wide space between those two and that’s space that doesn’t really get honored.

Moderation isn’t often a headline-making…

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