Every child with a sibling knows that depending on where they fall in the birth order, they will probably be treated a little bit differently! Does this mean that their parents actually love one child more than the other? No, absolutely not! It’s just a fact of life that the parenting experience can change greatly from child to child.

Let’s be real here for a moment: being a new parent is probably one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. But once the second child comes along a few years later, the parents probably feel like they have a much better handle on things. They know what they’re doing this time around, and they might feel more relaxed about some things—but there is also the added challenge of being good parents to two kids!

Raising one kid is hard enough, but two is a serious balancing act. Because of this, they will need to make changes to their routines and the way they do things in general in the household. That’s just the way things go when another kid is in the mix! Here are a few ways that mom and dad subtly treat their oldest and youngest differently.

The Oldest: Gets All New Toys And Clothes

According to What to Expect, many parents spend a lot of money getting all new clothes for their first born child. There’s no doubt that this can eat up a large chunk of their budget, especially because babies grow so quickly—they always need new clothes every few months! And every new parent has to be ready for them to outgrow their clothes. But let’s be honest, what new parent doesn’t secretly love dropping a little extra cash on clothes for their new baby? It’s an excuse to just indulge in the cuteness and get them all kinds of adorable outfits!

The Youngest: Gets Hand-Me-Downs

So, what is every parent’s saving grace when the second baby comes along? Hand me downs! According to Mama Natural, taking advantage of hand me downs and clothing that the first baby has outgrown is one of the best ways to save money once baby #2 arrives. Yes, as the youngest grows up, they might get a little bit jealous of the fact that their older sibling seems to get new things more often. But the parents are so grateful that they only have to buy these things once instead of spending a ton of money for the second baby, too!

The Oldest: Everything In The House Is Baby-proofed

Ah, baby-proofing the house: the one project that every new parent dreads! According to The Bump, baby-proofing is definitely one of the most stressful items on the to-do list before the new baby is born. You always feel like you’re going to miss some important little detail. Of course, there are some things that every new parent knows they have to do, like cover up those electric sockets, but there are always times when you catch yourself questioning whether something is going to be an issue or not. Luckily, every parent has been through it and has advice.

The Youngest: The Baby-proofing Isn’t As Intense


Yes, baby-proofing the house for the first time can be a long and arduous process, but once baby#2 finally arrives, it’s not quite as daunting for the parents. According to Baby Centre, at this point they already have figured out what kinds of off-limits things babies want to reach for (and put in their mouths). They know which rooms have to be blocked off with a baby gate at all times, and they know how to handle it if the baby does get into something they’re not supposed to. They are seasoned pros as this by now!

The Oldest: Mom Worries About Every Little Thing


When baby #1 is born, mom just can’t help but worry. According to Mom Junction, it is totally normal for even the most laid back women to go into anxiety overdrive once the first baby has arrived! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this—in fact, the best parents are prone to feeling worried, simply because they care so much about their children. The world can be a worrisome place, and good parents just want to protect their kids. They know just how hard life can be, and they simply want their children to be as happy as can be.

The Youngest: Mom Feels More Laid Back

Yes, being a new parent is a huge challenge, and it can be taxing for even the most emotionally mature people out there—but when baby #2 comes along, both parents are generally much better prepared for all the obstacles that lie ahead. According to Mom Junction, parents often report feeling much less anxiety when their second child arrives. This is because they simply have more experience at this point. Mom and dad also have generally improved their communication with each other, so balancing the many shared responsibilities that come along with raising a tiny human being is much easier.

The Oldest: Mom Will Always Check When They’re Crying

There is plenty of debate in the world of parenting about whether or not letting kids “cry it out” is the right thing to do. According to Mama Natural, many women do not feel comfortable letting their babies cry it out without coming to their attention. When there is only one baby in the household, parents will typically be eager to rush to their aid at the first sign of trouble. It’s only natural—we have literally evolved to respond to the cries of a baby. It is in our human nature to respond to them with sympathy and compassion.

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