Teresa Mendoza was thrilled when she found out that she and her husband, Carlos, were expecting.

They’d been married for a few months, and they couldn’t wait to welcome a baby to the family. The child was due just before their first anniversary.

Teresa and Carlos truly embraced every aspect of the pregnancy, and like other young women, Teresa documented the entire thing on social media.

Every doctor’s appointment went perfectly; their baby girl was growing well, and the parents-to-be couldn’t wait to meet her.

Just days before her due date, Teresa and Carlos went in for an ultrasound and got the worst news expecting parents could hear: There was no heartbeat.

Later that day, Teresa delivered baby Sylvia Paloma Mendoza, who had already passed away.

Eight months later, while still dealing with the grief of losing their first child, Teresa and Carlos announced that they were expecting again.

Now, they have a perfect baby boy, but Teresa recently opened up about why she struggled with the term “rainbow baby.”

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leo birth

After welcoming their baby, Leo, to the world, people started congratulating Teresa and Carlos on their “rainbow baby.”

The term, which is used to describe a baby born after miscarriage, stillbirth, or death, made Teresa feel uncomfortable — until Carlos helped change her way of thinking.

leo wrinkles

Teresa shared her thoughts on Instagram, where she’s kept people updated throughout the course of both her pregnancies.

She wrote:

A rainbow baby is a child born after miscarriages, still birth or an infant or child’s death. It signifies the rainbow that comes after a storm.

birth sylvia

For a long time I rejected the title, feeling protective of Sylvia and hurt by the idea that anything surrounding her was a storm.

She is perfect, not a storm, we are heartbroken, but she is not a storm, it was a great tragedy, yes, but she is not a storm.


baby leo

Somewhere along the pregnancy with Leo, Carlos told me that his interpretation equates to both Sylvia and Leo as rainbows that were shining above the storm and that the storm had nothing to do with Sylvia except to bring the rainbow of her and now her brother into our lives.

leo rainbow baby

She is the rainbow as much as he is…and the two rainbows that showed up in this photo make me think he’s absolutely right.

Now, Teresa is able to embrace the term, since she knows it can mean a different thing for each parent.

whole story

A few weeks later, Teresa shared the above image and wrote:

I used to be…

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