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Vietnam veterans need Agent Orange coverage

To all those running for the U.S. Senate and House: Vietnam veterans have been waiting for 50 years to get the help we need for exposure to Agent Orange. We want to know where you stand on our needs.

The “Blue Water Navy Act,” waiting for Senate passage (HB 4843 has already passed), helps those who served inside the 12-mile maritime limit of Vietnam.

Air Force troops who served in Thailand, not just those who guarded the perimeter of bases, need to be granted coverage for their exposure to Agent Orange.

We also need Veterans Affairs to approve additional presumptive conditions caused by Agent Orange, including bladder cancer, hypothyroidism and Parkinson’s-like symptoms. These have been waiting for approval since March 2016.

We want to know what candidates for Congress are going to do if elected. And remember: We vote.

Fifty years is too long to wait. If you want to help reduce suicides of veterans, you need to take a stand.

Brian J. Russ, commanding officer, A Company, Vietnam Brotherhood, Sarasota

New parents’ first step: introduction to literacy

I want to take a moment to discuss early literacy.

You hear it all the time: “When I become a parent I’ll never do that with my child.” Whether the discussion is on screen time, dietary restrictions or any of the thousands of developmental milestones of a child, everyone has the perfect plan. That is, until that bundle arrives and we realize we were so very wrong.

Parenting is hard. Preparing our children for success in the future is even harder! How do you know if you’re giving them the best start? A simple first step is the introduction of literacy.

Words are all around us — on TV, billboards, road signs. Literally everywhere literacy can be found.

If you’re having trouble, local programs can help you out.

Sarasota County’s “Born…

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