After 11 years of marriage, Darl Rivera Macalintal and her husband PJ knew they were ready to have a baby. Their pregnancy journey, which Darl chronicled on Facebook, brought them closer together than ever. And so did their grief after their baby, nicknamed Izzy, was delivered stillborn.

The British Columbia couple, originally from the Philippines, had a healthy, scare-free pregnancy up until the 20-week mark, full of adventure and excitement in preparation for their new baby.

At week 20, scans indicated Izzy could have cleft lip or palate. Followup scans ruled that out, but by week 24, Izzy’s heart was no longer beating.

Darl was scheduled to deliver her miscarried baby two days later.

“I decided to prepare our hospital bag because I was thinking of you,” she writes to Izzy on Facebook. “I still want to prepare your clothes, I still want to bring the things I would have brought if the situation was different.”


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