Mark Wahlberg rap daughter

Ask Mark Wahlberg to rap and you’re going to get a freestyle earful. Unfortunately, not all are on board with the lyrics this father of four chose while referring to his 13-year-old daughter Ella being punished.

It all went down during a recent taping of The Dan Patrick Show, which the darling pictured below attended with her famous father. It was her idea for him to rap — but she gets clearly uncomfortable the second she realizes the direction he’s going.

Mark Wahlberg daughter rap
Take a look at a clip of Mark Wahlberg’s impromptu rap:

“I’m your 45-year-old father and I got to rap/ and if you keep misbehaving I’m a give your behind a slap/ It’s called a spanking/ Later on in life you’re gonna thank me/ ‘Cause all the advice that I’m giving you is good for you/ and if not, your butt and behind is gonna be black and blue.”

Did you cringe when her jaw dropped and she started with the “cut it” gesture? I did.

Others though, are disturbed by this actor (who has a violent past) making mention of turning his 13-year-old daughter’s “butt and behind” “black and blue.”

For what it’s worth, the conversation did continue and Ella expressed losing her phone privileges was a harsher punishment then her brothers get.

Mark reasoned his sons would “just go throw a ball or bounce their head off the wall and they’d still be happy. You [Ella] live for the phone, so I got to get you where it counts, kid.”

As the parent of two tweens, I have to say that last bit sounds perfectly reasonable. Not only should the punishment fit the crime, it should fit the kid. Couldn’t he have just rapped about that? Would have made perfect sense (and I believe given a more realistic glimpse into his parenting style) without all the cringing.

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