Most fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are aware that the Kardashian sisters disagree on some things from time to time, particularly when it comes to parenting styles. Unlike her sisters, Kourtney told Redbook magazine that she’s a proponent of Attachment Parenting. “It’s what came naturally to me; I didn’t plan it,” she told Redbook.

“When I had Mason, I just felt really attached to him and wanted to bring him everywhere. He ended up sleeping with me, and I breastfed for 14 months. I’m sure all the family thinks I’m [a little out there] for having them in the bed and breastfeeding for a long time, but whatever.

So, do her sisters actually think she’s on the kookier side? Maybe a little. Kim Kardashian has been very open about how she is much stricter than Kourtney, saying, “I’m really strict on nap time, and sleeping in her own crib. Like Kourtney’s style is where her kids sleep in bed with her, so especially with the third baby coming – they’re going to need a bigger bed or they’re going to need some other rules.”

Sooo…it seems like Kim isn’t a big proponent of attachment parenting, and it doesn’t sound like Khloe is, either. Before the birth of baby True, Khloe wrote on her website, “The sister I think my parenting style will be most similar to is: Kimberly.”

Well, there you have it. Here are 15 parenting choices that Kourtney has made that all of her sisters disagree with (and 5 they can get behind).

Let’s start with the choices the other Kardashian sisters don’t agree with…


Unlike her younger sister, Kim, Kourtney has never been strict about her children sleeping in their own bed or in their own crib.

“When I had Mason, co-sleeping just kind of happened naturally. It’s what worked for all of us to get the most sleep, so I quickly embraced it,” Kardashian said about her oldest, 8-year-old Mason.

With co-sleeping, I didn’t have to get up out of bed to get the kids back to sleep whenever they woke during the night,” she explained. It was easier when one of the kids woke up, since I was right there. Co-sleeping just ended up feeling like we all got more sleep.”

Hey, whatever works for her family!

Laid-Back Parenting Style

As you can probably tell based on this picture, Kourtney is pretty laid back. Seriously, a strict parent would NEVER let their kids sit on the hood of a $122K Mercedes G-Wagon!

Kourtney definitely doesn’t sweat the small stuff. When Kris was worried that Mason’s nursery wasn’t set up right before the birth, Kourtney didn’t see what the big deal was.

“I was like, ‘People used to have babies in caves; it’s going to be okay,'” she said.

Her sisters, however, have a different approach. “I don’t know my parenting style until I have a baby, but from what I envision my parenting style to be, I do think it’ll be more like Kim. A little more strict,” said Khloe Kardashian in an interview.


Unlike Kim, who loves dressing up her children in designer duds, Kourtney has spoken openly about altering her son’s clothes for Penelope so she could wear them.

Hand-me-downs on a Kardashian?! Apparently so!

I am always trying to evolve, so I like to read parenting books and things like that. I even kept some of Mason’s clothes, like little blazers, and I use them on Penelope. Even a full-suit menswear moment and do a St. Laurent look for Penelope. It’s different dressing them both, but I love when Penelope wears Mason’s pajamas, those pieces that are so special that are so nice to share,” Kourtney told E! News.

No Microwaves Allowed

“Microwaves,” Kourtney answered, matter-of-factly, opting to use a toaster oven instead.

So what is Kourtney’s beef with the always-convenient microwave?

“When I had Mason, I did a lot of health-related research, and decided to get rid of my microwave when I read that toxins from plastic containers can be transferred to food when reheated. I’ve heard microwaves can leach nutrients from food and use radiation to heat food. I’m not sure how accurate this is but when it comes to my family I play it safe.”

PSA: According to Harvard Medical School, Kourtney’s fears are totally unfounded.

Allowing The Kids To Dress Themselves

When it comes to what their kids wear, Kourtney and Kim have very different opinions.

“Every morning and every night is her time to shine,” Kim said about her daughter’s style. “She can wear costumes, which she really loves. She wears wild pajamas. And then when we go out, she really just wears whatever I want. She makes it really easy. But we have that compromise.”

Kourtney, on the other hand, has a wildly different approach.

“My son definitely has an opinion on what to wear. He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit, and we’re not allowed to have a say in any of it.”

“If I’m Not Working, Neither Is The Nanny”

Although Kourtney is a busy businesswoman with work engagements and events to attend, she’s been quite outspoken about the fact that she’d rather be with her kids.

I don’t want to judge, but I’ve also met women who think it’s cool to be out or away from their baby, and I don’t get that, either… I do have help when I’m working. It’s important to have one person I trust, so I know Mason is taken care of. But every time I am not working, he is with me. Even on an airplane, he is with me even if the nanny is also on the plane. Any time I can have with him, I am lucky to have.”

Hmm…wonder if she’s referring to Kim?

No Plastic Toys

When speaking about her sisters’ parenting advice on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Khloe had a lot to say about Kourtney’s opinion on plastic.

“A lot of [advice] is unwanted. I don’t know if it’s the worst, but Kourtney gives a lot of advice. I think it’s so sweet but I don’t want to do some of that stuff! You can never have a plastic toy, ever! If someone buys blocks, I’m allowed to have blocks! Let me experience things. It’s…

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