Kendra Wilkinson is still the mom of two fairly young kids, yet all the same feels she’s suffering from empty nest syndrome.

The mother of 6-year-old Hank and 2-year-old Alijah recently broached the subject while being pestered about baby three by Hollywood Medium‘s Tyler Henry. Apparently, she was putting off “hormonal” vibes.

“And you have two kids? Tyler asks Kendra in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode. “Would you ever be open to having a third?”

With a shocked face she laughs and inquires, “Why would you ask?”

The psychic then explains that she “has a susceptibility to some hormonal changes, which would indicate susceptibility to pregnancy.”

As if the hormonal vibes are perceptible — or the only reason a woman ever is hormonal is pregnancy.


Despite it now being clear I’m not overly interested in psychics, Kendra Wilkinson did admit that her youngest starting preschool has thrown her for a loop. Although she previously said “absolutely not” to the idea of having a third, since Alijah‘s gone the 31-year-old is suddenly lonely.

Kendra explained: “That second that she went into the preschool, I got empty nest syndrome already.”

As a mom who wound up in cliché tears on both of her kids’ first days of kindergarten, I kind of get it. There’s something so unsettling about watching your child like a hawk for years of their life and then dropping them off and saying, ‘Good luck with that! See you later!’

When our eldest started school I called my husband in tears, bumbling repeatedly, “But what if…? What if…?” I didn’t even have an end to the ongoing question, but I knew the answer was a soul-crushing “I won’t be there for him.” It makes me a bit emotional even now, just thinking back on it.

Nonetheless, but the time week two started I was waving him goodbye with a smile, and I found the transition to an “empty nest” (when both kids were in school) even easier. I revel in the time I’ve reclaimed as my own — to the point I sometimes feel a bit guilty about how little I miss them being always underfoot.

I guess I sometimes feel like a mom ought to have those empty nest feelings, but aside from a brief moment I just don’t.

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