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Read on for Jamie’s insight on how the disease has changed her life, how it affects her parenting, and Instagram fomo:

Women’s Health: How has your life changed since you went public with your MS diagnosis?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: I’m at this place where I’m really trying to shift my focus away from all the things that MS takes away from me, and trying focus on what it gives me, and the lessons it could teach me. When you’re dealing with a chronic illness that’s really not going anywhere for the time being, you can play the victim and you can feel bad for yourself—and rightfully so! I’ve done that and have my days still where I do that. But I’m trying really hard to live my best live with it and figure out how I can still fit into the entertainment industry and acting and motherhood and how I can do the best I can.

WH: That’s an interesting perspective, especially on shifting your focus away from what MS takes away from you. What would you then say it gives you?

JS: First and foremost, it’s forced me to focus on myself and my health. I was never really conscious of what I was putting in my body, how I was treating my body. I was always just living for the day. I think [MS] really shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s definitely slowed me down, but in the slowing me down it’s given me a lot of perspective, a lot of appreciation, and I think it’s taught me how strong I really am. The word strong has a whole different meaning to me now. It’s not about physically being strong. It’s about persevering.

It’s also taught me the power of surrender and just letting go. My whole life, my personality was a bit of a perfectionist, and always wanting to control things, because I felt like it would make me feel better. It’s not lost on me the irony of me having a disease that sort of takes all of that away. I can’t control parts of my body and I’m definitely not able to be “perfect” in my idea of what perfect was. With it I’ve had many lessons in letting go and just being okay and confident with who I am despite imperfection.

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WH: You’ve said that MS has impacted so many areas of your life. Can you share how exactly it’s impacted your day-to-day with your son Beau?

JS: There are things that…

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