Katherine Eden’s baby was crowning when paramedics noticed something strange and called the cops.

'I went into labour at home and paramedics called the police'

After a highly traumatic first birth that left her with PTSD, Adelaide mum Katherine Eden, 32, was adamant her second baby would be born at home.

Initially, the health system was completely supportive of her wishes – Katherine was receiving care from her local hospital’s midwifery group practice, which supports home births for low-risk pregnancies.

But when she reached 42 weeks, everything changed – now considered a high-risk pregnancy, home birth was no longer an option and Katherine was devastated.

“I got to 41 weeks and it was very stressful,” she tells Kidspot. “They wanted to induce me and do a stretch and sweep. Being induced wasn’t an option (for me). I really wanted this birth to happen how it was going to happen.

“I was afraid, and I already had PTSD from the first birth.”

A labour deadline

Katherine was given until 8am on the day she was 42 weeks to go into active labour.

“My midwife texted at exactly 8am on the dot and said she couldn’t come anymore,” Katherine recalls. “I felt very angry, frustrated and exasperated by all the hoops I had already had to jump through. I couldn’t believe I was being punished for wanting to trust my body and allow it to do its own thing.”

After a traumatic first birth, Katherine wanted to do things her own way. Image: Supplied.

Five hours later, Katherine went into labour

She texted her midwife begging her to come but the midwife refused.

“I just wanted someone to come so I would feel safe and know when to transfer to hospital,” she says.

Katherine called one of the two private midwives in Adelaide asking for help but because she hadn’t seen her from the start of the pregnancy, the midwife said she couldn’t attend.

Labour slowed, and Katherine was able to sleep through the night. Her first birth had taken three days, so she was prepared for the long haul.

When she woke at 6am, contractions were coming thick and fast

“My husband and friend packed the car, but I got into the birth pool because I thought it would still be a while. Then I couldn’t get out of the pool and kept vomiting every time I tried and felt nauseous,” Katherine recalls.

Unable to move…

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