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Family shopping can be a high-stress scavenger hunt where you sprint through crowded aisles in search of salad dressing, baby wipes, bell peppers, and dishwashing soap, praying that your kids keep it together long enough to make it to the car.

To non-parents, it sounds like a disaster movie. To the rest of us, it is the everyday hustle. That’s why parents make Walmart runs late at night and the crack of dawn bed. It’s the only time we can shop for groceries.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The personal shopping revolution has arrived with Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery. A few minutes on Walmart’s Grocery app is all it takes to do the shopping now. Then, you drive the store, park, and have a Walmart associate load your car without you leaving the driver’s seat. In select locations, Walmart will deliver your groceries, right to your door. It’s just that easy.

One-Stop Shopping

Imagine it’s a busy afternoon for a hypothetical dad we’ll call Kyle. Kyle has two kids, 8-year-old Jaco and 5-year-old Grace. Kyle and his wife both work, so time is always in short supply. With his wife at the office late, Kyle is stuck parenting solo. The afternoon doesn’t start well. He gets to school late and finds that Jacob is worried about getting to soccer practice on time and Grace is in a mood.

Kyle isn’t thrilled with his kids but isn’t stressed. They are good kids generally and this behavior is, thankfully, rare. Besides, he has the time to parent them. The previous night, Kyle scheduled a grocery pickup with the Walmart Grocery app for between 3 PM and 4 PM. Just as he straps the kids in, he receives a notification on the app saying his order is ready. He checks in on the app to say he’s on his way. Jacob know they are going to be right on time and talks to Grace about being a team player and listening to Dad.

Finding exactly what you want for your Walmart delivery takes seconds, thanks to an intuitive and simple “Sort & Filter” function.

In the meantime, Walmart associates can track Kyle’s movement through the GPS function on the grocery app, to predict when he’ll arrive at the store.

About 15 minutes after checking in…

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