maternity clothes that will last you beyond the bump

Maternity clothes have come a long way. Today’s moms-to-be can choose from tons (and tons) of high-end and everyday maternity brands, and man oh man the styles are cute. So cute, in fact, that it’s pretty hard to give up your maternity wardrobe post-pregnancy. Plus, who wants to shell out for trendy maternity clothes, only to wear them for a few months? Luckily, you don’t have to retire your newly acquired, fashion-forward pregnancy pieces once baby arrives. There are actually a lot of maternity wears that can be worn postpartum—you just need to know what to look for and how to style it. We consulted with Stitch Fix style expert Maria Dueñas Jacobs on how to put together a fashionable, uber-flexible maternity wardrobe that’ll carry you through pregnancy and beyond.

Find Flowy Maxi Dresses

Feminine dresses with lots of movement are comfy and super-forgiving—two musts for pregnancy and postpartum. “I would keep floral and geometric patterns in mind when shopping for postpartum purposes,” Dueñas Jacobs says. “These patterns work great to distract and disguise your still-swollen belly.” If the dress is too roomy for your post-bump body, cinch it with a great belt that sits flat. “Pairing it a maxi with a cropped jacket is also a great option,” Dueñas Jacobs adds.

Maternity maxi dresses to try:


Buy it: Mamalicious Floral Maxi Dress, $51,


Rent it: Rose Pope Maeve Maternity Maxi, $30,; or buy it: $148,

Opt for Wrap Dresses

Whether you’re sporting a bump or are post-birth, the classic wrap dress is another comfy and flattering option, especially for curvy women. The tie waist cinches on the smallest portion of your torso, which gives a slimming effect. “The silhouette can easily adjust to the needs of your changing body during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum,” Dueñas Jacobs says. “Plus, it’s a great piece to wear for easy nursing.” If the top half of the dress is a little too roomy after baby—or you’re baring more cleavage than you’d like—wear a tank underneath.


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