The phenomenon of classifying parenting styles into “silky,” “crunchy,” and even “scrunchy” seems to be here to stay. As fun as it can be to learn your “parenting personality,” if you identify as a “silky” parent, you might be wondering how being a silky mom affects your kids later in life. It’s normal (and healthy,) for parents to consider how their parenting styles will affect their children as they grow older.

Although, of course, it’s impossible for every mom to fall into one category exactly, knowing these “types” can help parents make better decisions that fit their values as well as find other moms that fall into the same “camp” as they do.

But first, what exactly is a silky mom? According to The Snap Mom, silky moms are the definition of a “modern mom“. You follow the established medical advice, vaccinate on schedule, may use formula, and utilize as many modern convinces as possible (disposable diapers all the way.) You might have had a medicated hospital birth, or maybe even an elected C-section. And sleep training your baby on schedule is your jam.

One of the common choices silky moms make is to…

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