Guidance for the guides: Behavioral Health parenting tips
(Shutterstock) Muscogee (Creek) Nation Project LAUNCH Young Child Wellness Coordinator Natalie Russell discussed the 1-2-3 Magic child discipline curriculum in a ‘Mvskoke Radio’ interview with Gary Fife.

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Project LAUNCH employee discusses curriculum for child discipline

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — “One of the biggest stigmas I think we’ve come across in teaching parenting classes is, a lot of parents are like, ‘I don’t need parenting classes, I know how to be a parent.’ ”

Natalie Russell, coordinator for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation ‘Project LAUNCH Youth Child Wellness’, said it is not the goal of the program to tell parents what to do.

“And when they come in and they learn the new skills we tell them, ‘take what you’ve learned and make it your own. Use these skills; pair it with what you already know and make it your own,’ ” she said.

The program offered training earlier in the year but Russell went over some of the basics on a past ‘Mvskoke Radio’ episode with host Gary Fife.

According the website for 1-2-3 Magic used by Russell’s program, the training was developed by Dr. Tom Phelan to offer all involved in rearing a child, ‘a simple and gentle-but-firm approach to managing the behavior of 2 to 12-year-olds.’

“And it’s really hard as a parent because we’re faced with that testing and manipulation and it’s not always easy to handle,” Russell said. “We get emotional, we get frustrated and so part of what 1-2-3 Magic does is gives us the six basic testing tactics that kiddos use and then it give us practical ways to handle it so that we’re in control and the kids are not.”

Russell listed the tactics:

Showing their temper.

“It can be an aggressive attack or emotional outburst.”


“ ‘Mom, mom, please, please. But why? Just this one time.’ ”


“ ‘I’m gonna run away. I’ll never speak to you again.’ ”


“ ‘Nobody loves me. You never let me have my way. You never let me have anything.’ ”

Buttering you up.

“Telling you ‘oh, your eyes are so pretty,’…

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