Glenwood outreach program seeks to connect school, district families
Submitted photo/Marietta Nelson

The Glenwood Community School District is seeking to grow a popular outreach program initially started by two staff members last year.

Combining the school’s mascot of the “ram” and the word “family,” the program, Ramily Matters, aims to provide monthly educational opportunities to families that are seeking additional support and resources within the community.

The program was founded by Elizabeth Sutherland, teacher at the Glenwood Alternative School, and Sarah Rozniecki, a mental health and behavior interventionist.

“We want families to enjoy a free meal and learn some new skills,” Sutherland said. “While we want to reach out to families who don’t feel as connected to the community, we also want to make the program available to everyone because every family is on a journey.”

Open to all Glenwood district families, the organization meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Progressive Learning Center located behind Glenwood Middle School.

The group has the goal to bring area families together by providing different educational opportunities. A free meal is served and free childcare is also available.

“It’s a different way to bring families into the school that aren’t coming because of sports or the fine arts,” Sutherland said. “We’re an organization that’s connected to the school that helps families feel welcome.”

While children spend time engaging in activities that help them build different skills, parents and families get together to talk about…

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