ELON — Obviously used to some eye rolling whenever the subject comes up, organizers with the Racial Equality Institute bring a lot of research to support their ideas.

Terrence Young, retired Guildford County Schools principal and public information officer, spent the better part of a two-hour forum Monday evening, Sept. 11, at Elon Community Church talking about a long series of studies and research, questioning ideas like disparities among races really being the result of differences in income or education, and like research from the Centers for Disease Control correlating infant-mortality rates by race with levels of education.

“You would think a college-educated black woman would have great access to health care, would know about prenatal care, know about vitamins and not have an infant mortality rate that is higher than a white female who only has a high-school education,” Young said.

According to the CDC, Young said, infant mortality is higher among black women however well educated.

There were similar results looking at test scores and incarceration rates along income lines.

“Rich black kids are more likely to go to prison than poor white kids,” Young said.

The research also shows that the stories people tell about race don’t always match up to reality.

“The recent studies showed: Guess who does more parenting when they look at men across race and look at their parenting — bath time, feeding, helping with homework, going to activities, events, — guess who does more parenting? Black men,” said Deena Hayes-Greene, managing director of REI in Greensboro,. “You know who didn’t believe that? Black men.

“This is just profound, to go from health, to education, to criminal justice, to higher education and to see…

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