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Submitted by the Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley

With autumn in the air, many parents have been sending children off to school on the bus each morning. Families with younger children are enjoying new routines as well, with the start of programs like Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley’s Play & Learn.

Play & Learn groups are available to families in nine locations across the St. Croix Valley. These classes provide an opportunity for toddlers and preschoolers to interact with their parents and other children their age. Parents can also discuss parenting strategies, dilemmas and everyday happenings with a parent educator and other parents going through similar situations. Groups are weekly, 90-minute classes facilitated by a Family Resource Center parent educator, and include guided play, a story and activities, and parent discussion on a different topic each week.

“The predictable routine of our sessions allows kids to anticipate what comes next,” said Nicole Young, who has participated in groups in both Baldwin and Hudson. “They get practice playing with other young children and following directions from a teacher. Parents learn from each other and from the staff. We get ideas of activities and songs we can do at home.”

Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley strengthens children, families and communities by offering education, resources and support….

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