Enforcing consequences as a parenting tool
The simplest response from you after a particular behaviour by your child can be regarded as a consequence. — PP

As parents, there are various strategies of parenting that can be practised to teach your kids how to behave, and all parents have their own set of rules.

One common and effective parenting tool that is often used is consequences. The simplest response from you after a particular behaviour by your child can be regarded as a consequence.

Experiencing consequences can help your kids to learn from their mistakes, make better decisions and improve their behaviour.

Consequences are rational responses to your kids’ behaviour and done to convey that their behaviour is their choice and responsibility.

There are positive and negative consequences.

Positive consequences, such as attention, tell your kids that you like the behaviour and can foster the behaviour in your kids.

Inversely, negative consequences, such as ignoring your child, show that you do not like the behaviour and can prevent them from repeating it.

You can praise your kids after they followed your instruction to put their toys in place after playtime, and you can keep their toys away from them if they did not.

Punishment, on the other hand, is different from negative consequences. Punishments are usually imposed on your kids out of your emotions, and communicate that their action and decisions are controlled by you.

Types of consequences

Natural consequences: These are the effect of an action or decision that is bound to happen by nature or reason, with or without your intervention, which can be effective if it is not damaging to the children or others.

For example, Sara loses her doll because she was careless during an outing; or she refuses to eat, so she feels hungry.

However, if she plays with a knife, her parents should definitely step in to prevent injury.

Logical consequences: Most of the time, it is not suitable to let natural consequences take place, because they are not effective….

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