You'll need a plan because you don't want to forever nag your son to take his medication (file photo).
You’ll need a plan because you don’t want to forever nag your son to take his medication (file photo).

QUESTION: Our boy is 15 years old and he’s got a series of health issues that require daily medications. I’ve tried everything to get him to take his meds daily but he only seems to manage one consistent week before his routine is derailed. Then he gives up.

Our parenting is reduced to nagging, begging, cajoling and coming up with schemes to make the meds easy to manage. If he stays over at mates or sleeps in, or we’re not home to remind him the routine falls over and his health suffers and we all suffer.

It’s not that hard to get into a habit but he doesn’t seem to have the maturity to do it.

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ANSWER: It’s tough enough dealing with teenage angst and rebellion without adding health issues and medications into the mix. This, though, is the reality for many, many parents.

Parenting teenagers is the supposed end stage of growing your child. You are preparing…

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