9 million kids may have just lost health insurance, courtesy of Congress

There is so much going on in the news right now about Congress’ recent jockeying to smash and replace Obamacare (the failed Graham-Cassidy plan) that many are unaware another health insurance program of major importance is at grave risk of being completely demolished.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program’s budget has expired as of Sept. 30. If you’re not familiar with CHIP, the program provides low-cost health insurance to 9 million children in the United States — children whose families earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid — as well as pregnant women in some states, according to the Healthcare.gov website. CHIP’s safety net is huge, covering kids for immunizations, checkups, emergency care and other preventative health care. If CHIP is allowed to die, children formerly under this program will have zero affordable options to see a doctor.

Joan Alker, the executive director of Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families told the press, “We have never had a situation like this before.”

The media is paying attention, even if the Congress is not.

As CHIP expires unrenewed, Congress blows a chance to save healthcare for 9 million children. Via @hiltzikm: https://t.co/KKZ5FEb1AH pic.twitter.com/9UF9SjfHOp

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) October 2, 2017

The Los Angeles Times reported that there is no vote scheduled for at least…

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