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There’s a good chance your fur baby knows he’s about to get a two-legged brother or sister. One UK canine, in particular, has a reputation for sniffing out pregnancies. Meet Chesney, the “pregnancy detecting dog.”

Chesney, a Yorkshire Terrier-Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, is typically very shy. His owner, Angie Keay of Stockport, England, says that the only time he’ll leave her side in the presence of strangers is when they’re pregnant—whether or not anyone else knows it.

Most recently, Chesney detected one of Keay’s coworkers was pregnant. She was just 8 weeks along and had not yet announced the news.

“Chesney usually sits on my knee and won’t go near anyone else. But he kept going to sit right by (my coworker) Freya,” Keay says. “I kept moving him off her, but he was adamant—every time I pulled him away, he went straight back to her. He didn’t leave her side.”

Sure enough, Freya announced her pregnancy five weeks later.

While Chesney may be making headlines, he’s not the first dog to behave differently in the presence of a pregnant woman….

Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Rodriguez

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