Candice Warner says she 'paid the ultimate price' after the scandal involving her husband, David.
Candice Warner says she ‘paid the ultimate price’ after the scandal involving her husband, David.

When Candice Warner arrived back in Australia after her husband’s role in the Australian cricket team’s ball tampering scandal, she was photographed looking understandably distraught.

What the world didn’t know at the time was that the 33 year-old mother of two (Ivy Mae is 3, and Indi Rae, 2) was also pregnant.

Now, in a new interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, Warner has opened up about suffering a miscarriage just one week after her husband’s public apology at a Sydney press conference.

“I’d have to be bullet-proof for the taunting not to have affected me,” she said in the interview. “It rocked my very foundation and I paid the ultimate price, losing our baby.”

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“The miscarriage was a tragic consequence, a heartbreaking end to a horror tour.”

While Warner is clearly devastated about the loss of a much-wanted pregnancy, her interview has sparked concern among expectant women seeking to discover whether stress can affect the risk of miscarriage.

If you look at the research alone, you’d likely be concerned. That’s because a meta-analysis published in Scientific Reports in May 2017 found that psychological stress before and during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage by approximately 42 per cent.

The authors suggested the effects of stress hormones, which can impact some of the biochemical pathways essential for maintaining a pregnancy, could be the cause of such findings.

But Dr Raelia Lew isn’t convinced, nor is she alarmed by these results. The fertility specialist from Melbourne IVF and Women’s Health Melbourne, says any study measuring the effect of emotional stress is complex. After all, what one person finds…

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