A 12-year-old boy who lost his right leg to cancer has just adopted his dream pet: A dog that is missing a leg as well.

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“I wanted a three-legged dog because he would share my struggle,” Quinn Scharn, of Napa, California, told TODAY. “Because he would know what it felt like. He would know he wasn’t the only one to have an amputation.”

Quinn had been asking for such a pooch since losing his leg in April 2015. He was 10 and being treated for bone cancer, his second bout with a form of cancer.

His wish came true last week when he brought home Logan, a pit bull mix with a missing front left leg.

The seventh grader and his furry companion made an instant connection.

“I’m beyond happy,” Quinn said. “Having Logan, to me, is having a best friend that knows everything about you.”

They share more than just a physical characteristic.

“We’re fighters,” Quinn said. “We’re resilient.”

“We never stopped fighting, and whatever life does to us, we’re going to keep going,” he said.

Quinn Scharn when he was 2 and being treated for soft-tissue cancer in his abdomen.

As a toddler, Quinn underwent a year of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and weeks of radiation after being diagnosed with a soft-tissue cancer in his abdomen. His family was overjoyed when he reached the five-year mark of being cancer-free, said his mom, Teresa Howell.

When Quinn was 10, though, he felt pain in his right leg that progressed to a limp, and ultimately, a diagnosis of bone cancer in his hip. His leg and part of his pelvis were removed in April…

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