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You’ve probably already logged a few hot summer afternoons at the playground. The next time you go, Idaho mom Stephanie Luker wants you to keep something in mind: check the temperature of the play structures.

Lurker says her almost 2-year-old daughter, Ariadne, was playing on a plastic slide last week when she started complaining that her hand hurt and the slide was hot. When Lurker looked at Ariadne’s left hand, it was pink and red. By the time she got home, it was blistering.

When Lurker called her doctor’s office and explained Ariadne’s symptoms, they confirmed the toddler had sustained second-degree burns.

“[The nurse] was very surprised when we talked about the burns and whether or not I needed to bring her in right away,” Lurker tells local news station KPVI. “When I told her it was a plastic slide, she was very, very surprised. I don’t think any of us had heard of that happening before.”

Lurker explains she would have been more careful in the heat had the slide been metal, but never expected a plastic slide to harm her daughter.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s…

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