Kim Kardashian may not yet be ready to confirm whether or not she and husband Kanye West are actually planning to welcome a third child into their family with the help of a gestational surrogate, and well, the truth is that it’s totally her right to want to keep the details quiet. But it’s not like the reality star mom-of-two doesn’t already give the world regular glimpses into her life as a celebrity parent — and she not usually afraid to hold back. These five times Kim Kardashian was super honest about motherhood and pregnancy show that even when you’re a mega famous reality star, having kids isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and glamorous family photo shoots. While many celeb mamas might make motherhood out to be nothing but a picture-perfect good time, Kardashian isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. And honestly, it’s super refreshing.

The Kardashian family has literally made a fortune from sharing the intimate details of their lives with the world, but in contrast to her sister Kourtney, who makes pregnancy and motherhood look like a total breeze, Kardashian has been completely honest about the difficulties she’s faced when it comes to getting pregnant, actually being pregnant, her delivery complications, and just straight up trying to be a good mom while balancing her demanding career.

Becoming A Mother Changed Her Life

Before you become a parent, it’s practically impossible to anticipate just how much the experience will change you as a person. Even if you know that life will be different when you have a little one to care for, the truth is that, for many people, giving birth honestly makes you view the world in a different way than you did before. And that’s something Kardashian says she totally understands.

According to E! News, Kardashian participated in a Twitter Q&A with T-Mobile in 2015, and couldn’t help but gush about her then 1-year-old daughter, North West, calling her “my biggest achievement.” Kardashian later reiterated that sentiment, according to People, and said,

But Having Another Made Life Real AF

Anyone who’s ever had a child can tell you that, honestly, parenting can be hard. But when you have a second child? That’s when you learn how crazy things can really get. According to a blog post she wrote on her website after giving birth to her son Saint in Dec. 2015, Kardashian got real about what it was like being a mom of two kids. After admitting that she was “up at 4 a.m., pumping and delirious,” she wrote, “My mom would always say, about having kids: ‘One is like one, and two are like twenty.’ I never really understood that until now.”

Part of the difficulty, of course, is that, logistically, trying to meet the needs to two different children with two sets of totally separate needs, is majorly challenging. And while having a newborn is usually the part that most people assume would be tough, Kardashian said that, actually, it’s way harder to have a toddler:

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