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Babies are adorable year-round—but put them in baby Halloween costumes come October and every heart instantly melts. Whether you’re looking for cute baby Halloween costumes you can easily buy or unique baby Halloween costumes you can DIY, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween costumes for babies this year.

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Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Our favorite baby girl Halloween costumes are modeled after some iconic ladies. (Wonder Woman and Minnie Mouse, anyone?) We’ve also got some unique baby Halloween costumes, because every little girl deserves to stand out.


Wonder Woman baby costume

She may be your little girl, but you already know she’s going to do big things! This adorable Wonder Woman baby Halloween costume includes a star-spangled bow headband and a long-sleeved outfit with a tutu.

Buy it: DC Comics Wonder Woman Baby Costume, $26, Target.com


Minnie Mouse baby costume

Disney’s first lady is a classic choice for a baby girl. We love the multi-layered tulle skirt on this official Disney baby costume, creating a fluffier skirt with a little extra drama.

Buy it: Disney Disguise My First Red Minnie Costume, starting at $15, Amazon.com


Dunkin’ Donuts coffee baby costume

Baby Halloween costumes get an energized boost this year with this adorable coffee-themed outfit. Featuring a DD onesies, frothy tutu skirt and straw headband, it’s the perfect baby costume for Dunkin’ Donuts fans.

Buy it: Baby Latte Tutu Costume, starting at $42, Etsy.com


Ladybug baby costume

Luck be a lady—a lucky ladybug! Your little love bug will look too cute as a ladybug in this snuggly Halloween costume, complete with a dotted fleece hoodie vest and matching striped one-piece.

Buy it: Ladybug Baby Halloween Costume, starting at $26, Amazon.com

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

Of course, we love our baby boy Halloween costumes equally as much. From classic storybook characters to modern mischief-makers, check out these awesome Halloween costumes for baby boys.


Tigger baby costume

The wonderful thing about baby Halloween costumes? You can dress your little one up as your favorite childhood characters! This too-cute Tigger romper features handy crotch snaps for easy diaper changes—a serious selling point for parents.

*Buy it: Totoro Monster Tigger Bodysuit Costume, starting at $17, Amazon.com


Minions baby costume

You just can’t escape those sunshine-yellow, banana-obsessed Minions! Baby is already the appropriate size, so pop him into this crocheted costume and you’re all set.

Buy it: Minions Despicable Me Baby Outfit, starting at $19, Etsy.com


Wild Things baby costume

Can’t get enough of the classic children’s tale? Bring the Wild Things homes with this adorable Max costume, complete with the signature crown and buttons.

Buy it: Leg Avenue Infant Max Costume Set, starting at $45, Amazon.com


Super Mario baby costume

Win major nostalgia points this Halloween with a baby Mario costume, which includes the iconic hat and jumpsuit. (Tip: If you have twins, all you have to do is pick up a Luigi or Princess Peach costume and your little duo is ready to roll.)

Buy it: Baby Mario Costume, starting at $35, Etsy.com

Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Looking for cute baby Halloween costumes? While we think every costume on this list of baby Halloween costumes is pretty darn cute, these are especially adorable, thanks to their sweet animal (and vegetable) inspirations. Get ready to go “aww.”


Baby lamb Halloween costume

There’s only one word for this fuzzy lamb onesie: snuggly. With a costume this soft and cute, you’ll want to cuddle baby all day long.

Buy it: Princess Paradise Baby Girls’ Laura the Lamb Costume, starting at $34, Amazon.com


Baby penguin halloween costume

There’s cute—and then there’s baby in a penguin costume with a top hat cute. This one truly brings the term “penguin suit” to life.

Buy it: Lil’ Penguin Baby Costume, $55, Target.com


Baby deer Halloween costume

With a faux-velvet bodice, polka-dotted skirt and flower crown, how can you not be charmed by this baby deer Halloween costume?

Buy it: Baby Fawn Dress Costume, $30, Spirithalloween.com


Baby pumpkin Halloween costume

You can’t celebrate Halloween without a few good pumpkins around. And while pumpkin baby Halloween costumes have definitely been done before, we can’t resist those striped leggings—or that oversized pumpkin hat!

Buy it: Baby Plush Pumpkin Vest Halloween Costume, $20, Target.com

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Have you browsed through the cute baby Halloween costumes but looking for something a little more creative? We’ve got you covered with these hilariously funny baby Halloween costumes that are sure to nab baby some extra attention.


Baby sushi Halloween costume

Hungry? Put your little avocado roll in this hilarious baby sushi costume, complete with a Soy Sauce cap. Perfect for the child of foodies.

Buy it: 2-Piece Sushi Bodysuit and Cap, $26, Bedbathbeyond.com


Popcorn baby costume

Any film buffs in the house? Consider popping baby into a popcorn outfit. This deliciously cute Halloween onesie will give baby plenty of freedom to roll, crawl and explore, and it’s topped off…

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