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There’s nothing like fun in the fresh air. And while all you really need to take playtime outside is a little imagination, outdoor toys can certainly help—and even nurture that imagination! Ready to get your tot exploring and exercising al fresco? Stock up on these perennial favorites with modern designs. We’re sharing all the best outdoor toys for toddlers, from beginner swings to sand and water toys that’ll stimulate their senses.

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Outdoor Toddler Swings

Prepare to do a lot of pushing—that is, until they start practicing their pump! These outdoor toddler swings will entertain your kid for hours. (Or at least until your arms get tired.)


Ecotribe Varnished Wooden Toddler Swing

This outdoor toddler swing will keep your child secure and look adorable doing it. The wooden plaything comes in three whimsical designs: a horse, a giraffe and a unicorn. Bonus: It’s made from all-natural materials for an eco-friendly activity.

Age: 6 to 36 months
Buy it: $60,


Baby KEA Swing

This minimalist swing claims supreme durability and comfort for your kid. Not only that, but it’s said to boost spatial awareness and even develop their core muscles. Curious about the brand name? The company honors an endangered species: Kea parrots. In fact, it donates a portion of its proceeds to protect the creatures. We’re all for outdoor toys for toddlers that support a good cause!

Age: 6 to 36 months
Buy it: Starting from $135,

Outdoor Toddler Playhouses

Outdoor playhouses give tots a special space of their own. You’ll love watching them mimic you at home; they’ll love all the pretending possibilities. Plus, the structure is sure to be a hit with all their friends over the years.


Keter WonderFold Children’s Folding Playhouse

Don’t have a lot of land? No problem. This foldable, portable playhouse—which transforms into a compact suitcase—can be stored or taken on the go with ease. Leave it outside (it’s weather-proof) or stash it somewhere inside when playtime is over.

Age: 2 to 7 years old
Buy it: $140,


Little Tikes Go Green! Playhouse

Who knew an outdoor toddler playhouse could be so creative? There are tons of uniquely themed models on the market, but we love this one’s “go green” message. It comes stocked with bins for play recycling, a rain barrel to teach water conservation and even a planting box for gardening. It’s a prime example of outdoor toys for toddlers that foster a love of the earth.

Age: 2 years old+
Buy it: $173,

Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

What makes water so appealing to kids? All the sensational pouring and splashing opportunities—both of which help develop motor skills. Skip a sopping mess inside and take the H20 outside with these outdoor water toys for toddlers.


Intex Mystic Unicorn Inflatable Spray Pool

You can’t go wrong with an age-appropriate kiddy pool. This super-cute unicorn design includes a tail that squirts water for an extra-fun surprise.

Age: 2 years…

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