toddler playing in the rain wearing rain boots
With these durable (and adorable!) rain boots on your little one’s feet, wet days don’t have to mean dreary afternoons.

Being stuck inside all day with a rambunctious toddler can easily go sideways—but with the right raingear, cloudy skies don’t have to keep you and your kid from an afternoon of outdoor fun. We’ve gathered up some of the best toddler rain boots that’ll have no problem keeping pace with your little puddle-jumper.

Best Toddler Rain Boots


Hunter Kids Davidson Boots

When it comes to adult rain boots, Hunter is a go-to brand. Turns out, their toddler rain boots are just as dependable, and come in even cuter color combos! The heel tab makes it simple to slip on and off, and the adjustable buckles snap closed for a secure fit. Bonus feature: Reflective safety patches help ensure that your little one stays visible, even on the cloudiest of days.

Buy it: $70,

Western Chief Glitter Rain Boots

What better way to brighten a drizzly day than with these glittery toddler rain boots? Padded insoles and a moisture-absorbing cotton lining are sure to keep your little one’s feet warm and dry, and built-in handles make for easy on-off access.

Buy it: $25,

Hatley Kids Lots of Dinos Rain Boots

The durability of Hatley boots combined with a too-cute dinosaur print? Yes please. There won’t be any slipping or sliding with these rain boots on your kiddo’s feet, thanks to the grippy rubber soles. Pure cotton lining adds comfort and breathability, but the removable insole lets your child slip them on over his shoes, if he prefers.

Buy it: $36,

Sperry Kids Saltwater Boot

It seems like the Sperry duck boots are everywhere these days—including the kids aisle! Go for an adorable mommy-and-me look: The cozy micro-fleece lining mean your little one will love these toddler rain boots as much as you love yours, and can take him from snow to rain no problem.

Crocs Bump It Rain Boot

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